This is a blog about shipwrecks past and present. It will cover spectacular shipwrecks (think: Titanic or Exxon Valdez) and less spectacular ones (like the sunken fishing boat or distressed recreational vessel @uscoastguard just reported). And while it will include commentary on shipwrecks in today’s news, Ships on the Shore is primarily a research blog for my Ph.D. dissertation in American history. It is a forum to share some of the really great shipwreck “stuff'” I’ve found hidden in archives, print media, and (of course) online. It’s also a place to test out ideas before they get written down in chapters and submitted to my advisors. Hopefully, it becomes a conversation about shipwrecks and the shore that others, maybe even you, will join.

A number of longer posts are already in the works; I’m hoping to publish the first in the next week or so. I also plan on regularly posting what will be a highly idiosyncratic series about  shipwrecks, salvage, and underwater archaeology news from around the world. Finally, to keep the dissertation on task, I’ll start a “Source of the Week” series later in the summer.


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  1. Joyce Hill Stoner

    I think this is a great idea! Loved the video.

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