Shucks! Missed another (non-Shakespearian) summer shipwreck play

While catching up on my “shipwreck” news I came across another new (aka non-Shakespearian) summer shipwreck  play (on the other see this earlier post). Shipwrecked! An Entertainment: The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (As Told By Himself) was put on by the Insight Theatre Company at the Heagney Theatre outside St. Louis, Missouri from July 21-31. A reviewer praised the “good performances” in what they could only describe as “less of a play and more of an experiment in storytelling.” Sounds like a great evening at the theatre to me! First performed in 2007 (go here for the original program), Shipwrecked!, by Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Donald Margulies, is a fashionable new American drama–it was nominated by the Outer Critics’ Circle for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play in 2009. I can only hope a local troupe closer puts on what sounds like a modern take on the timeless tale of a would-be adventurer shipwrecked and castaway.


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