Shipwreck kitsch: A Bass Guitar

Its fair to say that most people of a certain age had (or are still having) a Dave Mathews Band phase. But who would have thought the band would show up in blog post about shipwreck kitsch? Maybe it’s a stretch, but bass player Stefan Lessard apparently used a bass guitar made out of shipwrecked timbers on the 2001 album Everyday. I think it qualifies as kitsch even if the wood’s tonal properties was partly responsible for what producer Glen Ballard describes as Everyday‘s “very rich low end.”

Ballard explains:

Stefan Lessard had this bass that was made out of timber that sank in Lake Superior at least 100 years ago and was buried under silt for all that time. It kind of is like petrified wood, but sounds like a diamond.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find any more information or even an image of this shipwreck bass (Please send along anything you might have!). But it’s good to know that shipwrecks still resonate through American culture like they did during the nineteenth century (sorry, couldn’t resist that one)!

Many thanks to Andrew D. A. Bozanic, my colleague at the University of Delaware, for sending along this fantastic kitsch reference! For more shipwreck kitsch check out this earlier post.



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  1. You’ve got great insights about bass guitar, keep up the good work!

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