Taking stock: the 50th post


Hard to believe this is our 50th post! We’ve covered a lot of ground since late June, from deep sea booze to shipwreck-inspired public art. Better yet, we’re fast approaching our 2,000th “all time visitor”–amazing! Thank you for taking the time to take a peek at Ships on the Shore.

I launched the site as a research blog for my ongoing dissertation. With all the shipwrecks in the news this summer (and being mired in finishing/editing a chapter), I haven’t posted much dissertation-related material. That’s about to change. Winter approaches and shipwreck news will inevitably wane. (Ironic, yes. But that’s what Google Trends suggests.) I start research on a new chapter in a week or so on the development of marine salvage around the port of New York. There’s bound to be great stories and sources. Look out for them in the months ahead!

Last, but certainly not least: “thank you” to everyone who has commented!


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