Odyssey? How about the Kormoran and Sydney?

Hate to admit it, but I don’t find all the hoopla over the recent triumphs and tragedies of Odyssey Marine Exploration very interesting. Maybe if the court battle was actually over or the silver was high and dry. But the recent status reports seem to be little more than just that.

Far more interesting is yesterday’s Morning Edition story about how two psychologists helped find a pair of World War Two shipwrecks off the Australian coast. Kim Kirsner and John Dunn applied all that psychology knows about memory to survivor accounts of the wrecks of the HSK Kormoran HMAS Sydney. Kirsner and Dunn put an X on a chart in 2004. Four years later, “professional shipwreck hunter David Mearns” proved the pair right, locating both wrecks just 2.7 nautical miles from where Kirsner and Dunn’s said it would be. Remarkable–reminds me the search for the Central America.

To listen to the story and see more great images go here. (Many thanks to everyone who sent me links!)


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  1. Nadina

    pretty sweet to see the parallel analysis in the search story of the Central American- have you or any readers here used search theory/probability analysis? would love to read about it in vernacular terms (stone’s book looks a little daunting!)

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