Paper wrecks

One of the best things about being home is reading the newspaper — an actual “real” physical newspaper. I read (or at least skim) stories that I would never click on while reading the paper online. Take this weekend — two very different papers, two very obscure shipwreck references, two great days of reading. (Support print journalism!)

Saturday, October 2ndThe Times-Picayune has been running a fun daily series,“The Times-Picayune in 175 Years,” which surveys the city’s history from the birth of the paper in 1837 until its birthday on January 25, 2012. Every day a new installment covers a new year.  Saturday’s article was for 1896 and it featured Dorothy Dix, whose advice column debuted for the paper in the mid-1890s. The piece referenced Dix’s famous 1898 article “The Selfishness of Men,” which “denounced the actions of the men aboard the sinking Bourgogne, who prevented women and children from using the lifeboats.” [“Women and Children First” has an interesting history –Robin Miskolcze’s Women & Children First: Nineteenth-Century Sea Narratives & American Identity is a great place to start.]

Sunday, October 3rd – Deep (100 out of 106 pages) in the The New York Times’s fall issue of T Design was a short piece on art collector’s Allan Schwartzman’s NYC apartment. In his living room (see picture above) hangs a pretty sweet Ricci Albenda “shipwreck” painting. Love it. Go print!


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