Wreck from another world?

Residents of San Antonia, Chile recently reported that an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) plunged into the Pacific Ocean. According to eyewitness accounts:

Witnesses agreed that three large columns of smoke were initially visible, similar to the contrails of a jet aircraft, and gave the impression of a speedy North-South movement. However, they changed course by 90 degrees and fell vertically, with lights similar to flames becoming visible, after which the appeared to vanish.

According to the UN’s oft-quoted calculation, 3 million shipwrecks remain on the ocean floor. I wonder if they have a guess at the number of submerged UFOs?


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One response to “Wreck from another world?

  1. nadina

    ha! sounds like x-files episodes: purity, zeus faber, piper maru….

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