O’Cain on “The Tempest”

Full fathom five

Check out this fantastic talk on The Tempest by acclaimed visual artist Alan O’Cain about his fascinating collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company, a collaboration John Carey praised as: “An absolute revelation. It would take umpteen literary seminars to teach so much about the play–and even then they would fall short.” In “The Tempest–A Visual Artist’s Perspective,” O’Cain discusses his love of the ultimate shipwreck drama and the fourteen paintings he created based on the 2006-2007 RSC production of The Tempest, which incidentally starred Patrick Steward as Prospero (what could be better than that!?).

For more on O’Cain see his website. For more on “Full Fathom Five,” the 14-painting collection, see this. And for the roughly hour-long talk (well worth the time) look here.



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3 responses to “O’Cain on “The Tempest”

  1. nadina

    wow [period].

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