A Royal Shipwreck Rescue

This video depicts the daring rescue of two shipwrecked Russian mariners on Sunday evening by a RAF helicopter copiloted by Flight Lt. William Wales (aka Prince William). According to the Examiner:

The MV Swanland, was hit by a 50-foot wave, causing the ship to roll and the hull to crack.  The 265-foot ship that was carrying a load of limestone quickly sank… Two nearby tankers also lent assistance to the rescue mission, blocking the wind from the life raft and shining their lights onto the area. A third man pulled from the water was later pronounced dead and five are still missing.

Prince William has not made any public comments about the rescue. But Alexander Yakovenko, Russia’s ambassador to London, wrote the future king yesterday thanking the 29-year-old for his efforts. The letter, posted on Russia’s UK embassy website, reads:

All day long we were anxiously following the rescue operation searching for Russian seamen from the sunk Swanland vessel,” he said. We know that you took an active part in the rescue and the two seamen were saved thanks to your selfless effort under the bad weather conditions. Let me express to you and your colleagues my deepest gratitude for saving the lives of the Russian citizens.

Best of luck to the ongoing search and recovery efforts.


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