Salvage Yard Lithograph ca. 1912

”]It’s amazing what you can find these days on the internet! The amount of historical materials on the web continues to explode; it’s gotten to the point where you have to re-search topics every few weeks. Take my current research target–T.A. Scott. I’ve been researching him on and off for almost seven years (I know, hard to believe). I’ve done more internet searches than I care to count, visited archives upon archives and endured mountains of microfilm. But just yesterday, while trolling for images to help me write the introduction to Scott’s chapter, I came across this lithograph. I’ve never seen before–pretty sweet!

The original is held at Mystic Seaport. Here is the object description from

View of the T.A. Scott Company complex, New London. Docks and wharf buildings can be seen, including a building with the nameboards [quarterboards] of wrecked vessels, visible at center right. Signs on buildings fronting on the street to the left read, from left to right: “TASCO/MEAT AND GROCERIES,” “TASCO” and “THE T.A. SCOTT COMPANY.” Automobiles and and a wagon are visible in the road. The Neptune Line sidewheel steamer Rhode Island can be seen at dock behind the buildings to the left. Other vessels visible in the water in the vicinity of the yard include tugboats, floating derricks, a schooner and dredges. New London Harbor and Thames River water traffic can be seen in the background. A vignette portrait of Capt. Thomas A. Scott is visible at upper left. Printed at bottom “PLANT AT NEW LONDON, CONN” and “THE T. A.SCOTT COMPANY/ FOUNDED 1872/ WRECKERS and CONTRACTORS”, and lower left “NEW LONDON, / CONN.” and lower right “BOSTON, MASS.”

The 21.5″ by 29″ lithograph was probably published soon after the T.A. Scott Company acquired the Boston Tow Boat Company in 1911. Important features not mentioned in the above description include the 200′ wireless antenna and the large coal bunker at the end of the main dock (Scott had been selling coal since the 1870s). Here are closeups of my favorite vessels.

dump scow and pile driver

seagoing steam derricks


wrecking steamer Tasco

For more on Thomas A. Scott and turn-of-the-century marine salvage see this post).



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6 responses to “Salvage Yard Lithograph ca. 1912

  1. sweet pix! looking forward to reading your book(s)(?) someday!

  2. I REALLLY wish I could draw!

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