New Shipwreck Brew

Last week Cottrell’s Brewing Co. (a personal favorite) announced the release of a new shipwreck-themed beer, Perry’s Revenge Ale. The dark Scottish-style ale with an 8.5 percent alcohol content will be sold on tap at a few local establishments and 22-ounce bottles will be available in a month or so. It joins a growing assortment of shipwreck-themed beers and cocktails around the world [see this earlier post for more].

Perry’s Revenge Ale celebrates the alleged discovery of the wreck of the Capt. Oliver Hazard Perry’s (of “We have met the enemy and they are ours” fame) schooner Revenge by Cottrell’s owner Charles Buffum. According to the New London’s The Day:

As the marketing guy, I said, this is a great opportunity to marry a real historical accomplishment with a beer,” said Chris Kepple, Cottrell’s sales and marketing manager. “We have a brewer who is also a discoverer, so we talked about how to celebrate the discovery with a beer. I got thinking about it and thought it would be a great idea to commemorate the wreck and Oliver Hazard Perry with a beer,” he said. Kepple described Revenge Ale as dark mahogany in color and full-bodied with a hint of chocolate and raisins. It will be sold on tap in 10- to 12-ounce glasses as opposed to the more standard 16-ounce glass because of its high alcohol content. “It’s more of a sipping beer for the cooler months,” said Buffum, who added that a Scotch ale made sense in part because Perry’s mother was Scottish.

I’m looking forward to tasting a bite-sized pint next time I’m up!



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3 responses to “New Shipwreck Brew

  1. Cool concept! I really wish I drank!

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