Shipwrecked Urinal Found

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist this one. Last week German archaeologists announced the discovery of a urinal once sprinkled by Kaiser Wilhelm II. The “porcelain potty,” as the Huffington Post reports, was discovered in the wreck of the Udine, a light-cruiser equipped with a special lavatory for the emperor’s convenience that was sunk by the Royal Navy in 1915. The find “sheds light on the treasure trove of artifacts that scatter the depths of the Baltic Sea,” which archaeologists estimate contains some 3,000 shipwrecks.  Reinhard Oser, lead archaeologist for the expedition, told the Telegraph his team had been “surprised by the identity of the urinal’s user.” I imagine this discovery will go down in the annals of underwater archaeology–let’s hope they release a picture of this bit of porcelain history.



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3 responses to “Shipwrecked Urinal Found

  1. Oh, my husband and I saw a documentary recently about commodes, and just how elaborate they got back in the day; shaped like dolphins and such. Yes, it would be interesting to see a picture of it!

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