New Poem: ‘On the Wreck of the Costa Concordia’

I am very happy to share this timely poem by acclaimed artist Alan O’Cain. Many thanks to Alan for passing this along. And I encourage everyone to check out his website and his newest project, The Screaming House, which promises to be fantastic. Enjoy!

On the Wreck of the Costa Concordia

I see a tower of burning lights
And close my eyes
Awaiting the taste of salt
I am a hundred tongues
And lick the ocean floor
(For comfort)
Dreams end like this
Crash from the universe
And throb a few short
Gasps and topple
I am a waiter inside myself
Hauling life on a tray
And weaving by the thronging
Masses in my shining shoes
That sink with every step
As all lets slide
In my bow-tie I attend
My end – white socks like
The tops of waves, tray
Floats off.


Alan O’Cain January 2011

[note: I added the *’s where line breaks were in the original because of wordpress formatting issues.]



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2 responses to “New Poem: ‘On the Wreck of the Costa Concordia’

  1. Thanks for publishing my poem on your excellent blog site, and for pointing people to my Artworld. You have chosen a captivating image to accompany the poem – black and white has a special visual power and mirrors the poem’s imagery. The aerial view reminds me of some of Gerhard Richter’s work. I also like the asterisks – I think I’ll keep them as a visual feature of this composition.

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