Rena Salvage Update

While news of the Costa Concordia has inundated the world, the salvage of the R/V Rena continues off the New Zealand coast.  Yesterday, salvors removed 29 packets of wood, and 9 tonnes of container lashing equipment from the bow section by helicopter–weather conditions prevented the barge Smit Borneo from getting near the wreck. They also report the last containers of “dangerous goods” have been recovered from the freighter’s exposed decks (several remain below decks however). Divers continued assessing the submerged sections of the Rena and the surrounding reef as well as identifying containers earlier identified by sonar on the seafloor. For more see this update.

Since the Rena broke in half two weeks ago (click here for more), salvors have removed 43 containers and “eighteen packets of timber.” According to this report, “All equipment is expected to be completely removed from the centre by the end of the week.” Much remains. Yet much has been done. According to The Bay of Plenty Times:

About 2325 tonnes of waste from the stricken cargo ship Rena has been processed since it ran aground off Tauranga in October…Of that, 1870 tonnes has gone into landfills while 117 tonnes has been liquid waste, mostly blood from meat freezers… About 25 tonnes of milk powder has been collected and 120 containers have been processed.

We’ve been following the Rena disaster since it ran ashore in October. Start here or here to catch up.


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