What you need to know about the Costa Concordia shipwreck and salvage

Interested in the shipwreck and salvage of the Costa Concordia? Look no further. Here is a list of the best sources I’ve found for information about the stranded cruise ship. Know of others? Please let me know!

For the best regularly updated analysis go to gCaptain’s “Costa Concordia News Page

For regular updates on the salvage work (and some great images) from the folks doing the work click over to  SMIT Salvage’s  Costa Concordia Project page.

You can find general information and updates about the Concordia at the Costa Cruises website

Tired of reading? Here is a great NPR interview with a 30-year salvage veteran explaining some of the possible salvage options for the Costa Concordia. I’d recommend watching some of these videos compiled by gCaptain to see “how to pull a sinking ship from the rocks” to get a better sense of what they’re talking about.

And of course there’s been a slew of articles by prominent (or at least well-known) news outlets around the world. Most add little new to the discussion. Here are a few of the most interesting (have you seen other good ones out there?)

“You (Or Your Heirs) Can Collect More From A Plane Crash Than From A Shipwreck” in Forbes

“Concordia’s Invisible US Owner Branded ‘A Disgrace” in The Independent

“Abandoning Ship: An Etiquette Guide” in Slate

“A Cruise Ship’s Sunken Treasure: Will The Passengers From the Costa Concordia Ever Get Their Belongings Back?” in Slate

“Rich Russians ‘bribed their way onto Costa Concordia’s lifeboats by stuffing wads of cash into crew members pockets’ in the Daily Mail

“Death Scams Arise in Wake of Costa Concordia Tragedy” in JD Journal



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