Rhode Island’s ‘Revenge’


It’s always great to see my home state in the news–especially when it involves (historic) shipwrecks! A few months back we mentioned the alleged discovery of the USS Revenge, an early command of the one-and-only Oliver Hazard Perry, off the scenic coast of Westerly, Rhode Island. Wrecked in 1811 during one of the area’s notorious fog events, the Revenge almost shipwrecked Perry’s career years before he could famously report “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

Underwater archaeologists from the US Navy’s History and Heritage Command along with a team from the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute surveyed the wreck site earlier this week. Depending on the results, Navy divers will visit the site and attempt to identify the wreckage. Too bad my alma mater, URI, is not involved. They know those waters better than most.

As for Craig Harger and Charlie Buffum, the two men who discovered the site–they told the AP: “This is just about pure fun.” And beer, of course. Buffum owns a local brewery and has already released “Perry’s Revenge,” a Scotch ale he describes as “dark and stormy.” I’m looking forward to trying it!

For the full AP story click here. (And many thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up about this!)


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