New Shipwreck tune: ‘Letter from a U-Boat Captain’

Check out this great ditty by Doug Morier, friend of Ships on the Shore. Like all good shipwreck songs, this one has a fantastic backstory. As Doug recently told me:

My father-in-law was a Navy physician on a submarine (he was active in the 1960’s) and he told me about meeting a man who was the physician on a German sub during WWII. The German man told my father-in-law how the lights of Atlantic City were so astounding that the officers would hang around the deck and take turns looking out the periscope.

When my father-in-law told me this, I remembered what a big story it was when they found a U-Boat off of Point Pleasant about fifty years after it sunk. I put the two together and made this song. I hope you enjoy it.

I did — hope you do too! For more check out his blog here.


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