Recent Shipwrecks: Salvage Update

Salvors remain at work on the Rena and Costa Concordia. Off the coast of New Zealand, crews continue to remove containers from the broken freighter R/V Rena. According to this recent report:

This is slow, labour-intensive work that involves the cutting and grinding of containers and removal of the contents by hand. This means an average of 1 container and its contents are being removed per day.

The salvors current focus is on removing 14 formerly refrigerated containers above decks on the forward part of the vessel, as well as 4 containers containing wood. This work is estimated to take 2-3 weeks, but is dependent on weather conditions and safety. Four tonnes of scaffolding is being erected by stevedores to allow access to these containers.

Weather, however, continues to set the pace of salvage work. Sensors installed on the forward section of the hull detect ongoing movement as it rolls with the sea even though it is firmly stuck on the reef.

To date: 479 containers have been removed from the Rena. Seventy have been recovered from the sea. Heavy-lift helicopters removing tons of timber scattered across miles of nearby coastline. While one bird remains in care for oil exposure.

Work is progressing at a faster pace on the Costa Concordia, off Giglio, Italy. Salvors began pumping the 500,000 gallons of diesel and oil from the liner a few days ago. The operation will take almost a month to complete. Owners of the stricken cruise ship invited 10 of the world’s largest salvage firms to submit bids for the recovery of the Concordia. The work, expected to begin by the end of March is could take up to 10 months to complete. Some are saying it will be “Since I’m down in the Big Easy and often run by their yard, I’m rooting for Bisso Marine to get the gig. As Bisso’s head, Beau Bisso, told CBS:  “With enough time and money you can do any job.” Spoken like a salvor.

For more about the Rena and the Costa Concordia start here.



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