Book Review: David Stewart’s ‘The Sea Their Graves’

I just finished up a review of David Stewart’s The Sea Their Graves: An Archaeology of Death and Remembrance in Maritime Culture for Winterthur Portfolio and sent it off to their book review editor. With luck it will pass through the editing process relatively unscathed and get published (ABD’s need all the CV lines we can get!). I don’t want to spoil the review, but I will say it was an engrossing book and I learned a lot from it. For now, check out the Wordle of the 723-word review. [Besides being a great way to waste time, Wordle is a great editing tool–I use it all the time. Like here and here.]




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6 responses to “Book Review: David Stewart’s ‘The Sea Their Graves’

  1. You use Wordle as an editing tool? How?

    Good luck with the review. I’m sure it will be accepted as well.

    • Jamin Wells

      Thanks! I hope so.

      I use wordle when I’m drafting an article or chapter because if my argument/major points don’t stick out in the word cloud, then I probably need to retool the draft or the argument. Or, if I’m not quite how to distill what I think I’m arguing into a “thesis statement,” Wordle helps me cut through the mud. It’s less useful for short reviews, like this post. But it’s fun nonetheless and it works for me.

  2. Great to see this is being published! I read David Stewart’s dissertation “ROCKS AND STORMS I’LL FEAR NO MORE”. It was both engaging and thought provoking.

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