Titanic 2012: Update

In this year of the Titanic, everyone is cashing in the world’s most famous shipwreck. Here’s an update of the most recent Titanic-themed announcements, analysis, events and other miscellaneous kitsch. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot. If you come across anything else please send it along!

Check out the March edition of the Smithsonian magazine for “Why the Titanic Still Fascinates Us” — a thoughtful history of Titanic-mania since 1912.

Head over to Slate.com to read “What the Titanic Shipwrecked by a Celestial Alignment?” — yes… well… maybe. Watch the video!


There’s a full on media blitz headed our way, including a mini-series, named…yes Titanic. Written by the Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes. The National Geographic Channel has “100th Anniversary Titanic Week” while the History Channel  plans to run a full day of Titanic programs on April 15th, the 100-year anniversary. [see this for more]

There are also a number of Titanic-themed books being published and promoted. The one I’ve come across several times (although not read) is Julie Williams’s A Rare Titanic Family: The Caldwells Story of Survival.

And just this morning I read in the local paper that researchers have “pieced together what’s believed to be the first comprehensive map of the entire 3-by-5-mile Titanic debris field and hope it will provide new clues about what exactly happened the night 100 years ago.” It appears the digital map is going to be released next month, of course. Here’s what available now:



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3 responses to “Titanic 2012: Update

  1. salutations from over the ocean. interesting post I will return for more.

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