Titanic — T-minus 24

Ever nearer we get to that vaunted centennial anniversary. Anticipation builds. The crowds mass. The fever grows. National Geographic is publishing breathtaking imagery of the wreck in its April edition.  Book publishers are releasing Titanic titles by the score. John Williams, of the New York Times, “Art Beat” recently wrote:

The centennial anniversary of the Titanic disaster is April 14, and publishers appear to be hoping that readers maintain an almost infinite appetite for it. Viewed as a group, the number of Titanic-related books that have crossed my desk in recent weeks borders on the comical. But to dip into almost any one of them in particular is to be riveted by a story that remains deeply eerie, dramatic and heartbreaking.

According to Williams, Titanic, First Accounts is “the loveliest of the bunch” and I trust him because he’s read them all, or so it seems. He also offers a short, but sweet analysis of the Titanic “cottage industry.”

And speaking of books: our most recent famous shipwreck–the Costa Concordia–will be the subject of at least one upcoming work of prose. An Italian newspaper recently reported that “Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino is planning a book in which he will tell his version of the events that lead to the wreck of his cruise ship.” He’s apparently cinched a deal with a “US publisher.” Can’t say I’ll read that one, but it’s good to know he’ll keep busy while under house arrest.

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3 responses to “Titanic — T-minus 24

  1. Wendy

    The images in the April issue of National Geographic are incredible. I think of all of them the single lifeboat davit is the most haunting. I haven’t had time to read the article fully yet, but will catch up with it soon.
    Two brothers from my town were on the Titanic, and like so many, heading to America to start a new life. Our town council are planning to unveil a commemorative plaque on the anniversary, so I’ll write a piece about that on my blog.
    Really enjoy your articles, fascinating reading about shipwrecks along the American coast.

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