Upcoming mid-Atlantic shipwreck events (shameless self promotion)

After a couple of days of travel and a few more working with my old man in the mooring trade, I’m back in front of the computer screen hacking away at this dissertation. It’s great to be back in New England. (“O O New England,” as Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers sing.) But I’m bound for the Mid-Atlantic in two weeks for a pair shipwreck “events.” If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll come out and join me (and excuse me for the shameless self-promotion!)

On Thursday, April 19th at 6:30 PM I’ll be presenting a chapter from my dissertation at the Hagley Museum and Library in lovely Wilmington, Delaware. (that’s the brochure above.) As the Hagley website explains:

The seminar is open to the public and is based on a paper that is circulated in advance. Those planning to attend are encouraged to read the paper before coming to the seminar. The seminar begins promptly at 6:30, and takes place in the Copeland Room of Hagley’s library building.

You can email Carol Lockman at clockman@hagley.org for the paper or just click here. [This chapter is very much a work in progress and I’d appreciate any comments you might have, even if you can’t attend the seminar.]

Three days later, on Sunday, April 22, I’ll be giving a public talk at the Rockwood Museum also in Wilmington, Delaware. The lecture starts at 2:30 and I’ve apparently promised tell “thrilling stories of wreck and rescue… and the horrific disasters that created the “shore” we all know today.” The talk is part of the museum’s Victorian Lecture Series. For more click here.



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