Shipwreck Kitsch: A shower curtain

Titanic celebrations might be over, but shipwreck kitsch is everywhere. You just can’t make this stuff up. Gizmodo recently posted the following story (tagged WTF). It’s a gem.

Commemorate All Famous Shipwrecks With This Sinking Shower Curtain

We’re not sure if it will ever not be ‘too soon’ to make light of the Titanic tragedy. But for just $16 this novelty shower curtain will serve as a daily reminder of any shipwreck, from the Lusitania, to the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Made from PVC-free blue and clear plastic it should also be the perfect complement to listening to Gordon Lightfoot while you get ready in the morning.

Reader comments are fascinating. Here’s my favorite:

This kind of thing makes me wonder how the people 89 years from now will look at 9/11, it has been okay for a while to make jokes about the Hindenburg disaster or the Titanic sinking, but since 9/11 was a deliberate attack I’m really curious as how it will be remembered when it’s part of the distant history.



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2 responses to “Shipwreck Kitsch: A shower curtain

  1. Seriously? I’m shocked, really. I guess there is no accounting for taste. Oh well, each to his/her own!

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