New Shipwreck Music Video!

Nadina’s Cube, a longtime friend of Ships on the Shore,  has released a video of their haunting tune “Drama.” Originally released on the 2010 albulm Shipwrecked: From Birmingham to Jericho with no Prozac, “Drama,” like the rest of the album, artfully deploys the metaphor of the shipwreck. (The music’s pretty good too–but alas this is a shipwreck blog.) The video is fantastic and indicative of the months of toil that went into making it. (Great shipwreck by the way!)

The album is described as:

A journey through land, sea, and the celestial realm, Nadina captures the psychological expressions of shipwrecked; abandonment, isolation, ego death/survival, hope, transcendence, and rebirth. A must hear for any who have struggled with buoyancy.

It can be purchased for a rather reasonable sum at For more about the artist, including the backstory to this song and album as well as tidbits about her current work, check out Nadina’s fantastic blog. I’m waiting on that next shipwreck tune!



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2 responses to “New Shipwreck Music Video!

  1. sweet! thanks for the review 😀

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