Forgotten wrecks: Schooner Pomona (1878)

This series of posts is fast becoming my favorite. Pick a random date, salvage a wreck from the records.

The following blurb appeared in the “Maritime Miscellany” column of the New York Herald on May 5, 1878. It tells a captivating story. It was also one of six wrecks reported in that day’s Herald. And while this wreck left a man destitute and a once sound schooner dashed to pieces, the Pomona was just another shipwreck on the American coast.

SCHR POMONA, [Captain] Chute, from Boston for Bay River, NS [Nova Scotia], before reported wrecked on Bult Cove Ledge, Ragged Island, Me, was a vessel of 98 tons, and she had on board a freight consisting of 90 bbls [barrels] flour and a small quantity of dry goods and hardware. The wind was blowing fresh, there was a think fog and a the night was dark. The crew all succeeded in making their escape safely to the shore. Capt Chute says, at 7:30 o’clock AM, there was not a piece of the wreck left large enough to float a man. There was no insurance on the vessel, and Capt. Chute loses everything he had by the disaster.

Today’s “forgotten wreck” was picked by Ships on the Shore devotee Marianne Wells-thanks!


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  1. Insurance. Hate paying it, but gotta have it.

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