Back in the Big Easy

It’s great to be home after more than a month on Cape Cod teaching, writing, researching and visiting friends and family. (Good luck S-241! I’ll be following your blog–fair winds and following seas.) There’s a mountain of new shipwreck fodder in my inbox waiting to get posted, and I’m almost through a fantastic new shipwreck book. Look for the review later this week.

This weekend I actually dove on a wreck–well, more properly a derelict–long abandoned in scenic Greenwich Bay, Rhode Island. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years working moorings and such with my old man, and it was a treat to spend a few days on the water with him. We inspected and repaired a bunch of moorings; used mooring barge 2.0; and moved a old wooden derelict out of the way (yes, the harbormaster knows). Cameras don’t fare too well on mooring boats, so I pulled the pic above from the archives. It’s the best time of the year to be on the water–drizzly New England spring mornings on a verdant bay devoid of boats. What could be better?

I already miss the salt air but a night out in the Big Easy will cure that. Today, however, it’s back to that dissertation. The clock is ticking…


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