Update: Costa Concordia and Rena


Time to check in with two contemporary shipwrecks that have captured our attention over the past year–Costa Concordia and Rena.

First, the Concordia–Titan Marine, the US-based firm removing the wreck off Giglio, Italy, reported last week that they expect to have the wrecked passenger liner ready to be towed to a nearby port for demolition by the beginning of 2013. It looks to be quite the undertaking. Titan’s managing director, Rich Habib, told reporters recently: “This is the largest ship removal by weight in history.” (the image above is from this great New York Times article about the proposed operation).

As for the Rena, stranded off the coast of New Zealand last year, Maritime New Zealand reported on Friday, May 18th that:

Rough weather at the reef earlier in the week caused some disruption to salvage activity but salvors resumed work yesterday and made good progress, removing a large number of bundles of aluminium ingots from the number 1 hold.

The wreck remains “in a fragile state.” In addition to removing more than 300 tons of aluminum, salvors have also removed miscellaneous fragments from the wreck’s bow section. To date, 778 containers have been safely landed on the beach. The image below shows the the containers, cut open by salvors, that contained aluminum ingots (if you look closely I think you can see some of the ingots in question).

credit: Maritime New Zealand


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