Titanic traffic jam (literally)

Once again I haven’t had to look farther than my morning paper to find solid shipwreck material. I spied today’s post walking from the front porch to the french press–the cover of Times-Picayune had the above image with this headline: “Titanic Muddle: A 23-foot replica of the doomed liner creates Causeway traffic jam in morning rush hour.” Let’s just say coffee was a few minutes late!

Apparently, Mark Koch of Metairie, Lousiana, took his 23-foot Titanic replica for a steam yesterday morning on lovely Lake Pontchartrain. The result was…well…titanic. Motorists on the nearby Causeway bridge called radio stations and relatives. A few went so far as to notify the Coast Guard (According to Petty Officer Bill Colclough, they didn’t  “deploy any assets to investigate it”). Rampant rubbernecking translated into miles of traffic. Causeway General Manager Carlton Dufrechou told the Picayune “I hope whoever owns it doesn’t cruise at rush hour again.”

I was almost beginning to believe Titanic hoopla was subsiding. But two Titanic posts in two days reminds us that we still have seven months of the “Year of the Titanic” ahead of us.

For the full story click here.



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