Save the New Orleans ‘Times-Picayune’

No actual shipwrecks today but I think the shipwreck metaphor works all to well.

As luck would have it, I mentioned my favorite (and only) daily local newspaper–The New Orleans Times-Picayune–in the past two post. It’s a fantastic paper I’ve come to love since moving to New Orleans. No morning is complete without catching up on the latest crimes, scandals and Saints news (often in the same story); reading a bit of Jarvis DeBerry genius; and doing my morning Sudoku. Every now and then I catch a good shipwreck story and post it here. But we should have known something was up yesterday when a photograph of a Titanic replica dominated the paper’s front page. 

Today’s page-one headline: “NEWSPAPER TO MOVE FOCUS TO DIGITAL.” Never good news. The fine print told a sad story. No more daily (starting in the fall it will be printed three days a week) and dramatic cuts that will somehow lead to a “richer and deeper news, sports and entertainment report, as well as a full week’s worth of features you enjoy…” Hmm… sounds like rearranging deck chairs to me.

This is big news. Everyone from NPR to Forbes has chimed in and I expect a tidal wave of commentary over the long New Orleans summer.

Want to help? Start at the Save the Picayune Facebook group page. If a city can rally to save a basketball team, I hope we can save a 175-year old institution. I’m going to do my part. Will you?


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  1. anonymous

    the Times Picayune needs to re-invent itself, find out why “new” New Orleanians are not subscribing and why older subscriptions are cancelled. the online edition is cumbersome with no morning access to the entire daily edition.

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