New Shipwreck Exhibit: ‘Abandon Ship’

The Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, Virginia, recently put up a new shipwreck-themed exhibit. Titled “Abandon Ship: Stories of Survival,’ the display includes a vest [pictured above] worn by a survivor of the recent Costa Concordia wreck!

From a recent review of ‘Abaondon Ship’:

The new exhibit, which runs into next year, is the museum’s first new exhibit since 2010. Timed to coincide with the 100thanniversary year of the Titanic’s sinking, the $250,000 exhibit uses words, images and audio recordings to capture the first-person accounts of shipwreck survivors and rescuers.

“This is not about shipwrecks,” said Lyles Forbes, the museum’s chief curator. “The shipwreck is where our stories begin. These are stories of survival, raw human emotions and people’s reactions when put in desperate, dangerous situations.

While the new exhibit uses more audio and video technology than most of the museum’s past exhibits, it also has hands-on features and games: a lifeboat and raft that people can step into and an activity that allows people to choose the five important items to grab if they were fleeing a sinking ship. (Hint: the MP3 player and historical romance that are among the 18 options are not the right choices.)

 You can find the exhibit website here.


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