Wreck of the Morro Castle (1934)

I’ve been working on an encyclopedia article about the wreck of the Morro Castle off Asbury Park, New Jersey. It was a spectacular scene and a popular attraction along the Jersey Shore for years. The disaster galvanized efforts to improve fire safety and professionalism in the merchant marine.  Still interested? Besides the Wikipedia entry, I recommend reading Brian Hicks’s When the Dancing Stopped (2006) supplemented by Thomas Gallagher’s Fire at Sea (1959) and Thomas, Witts and Morgan’s Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle (1972). Or click here to read an excellent article published on Map of Time, an excellent history blog. But first check out these videos, a type of source I usually don’t get to use. Fascinating.



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4 responses to “Wreck of the Morro Castle (1934)

  1. I didn’t know there was footage. The boats it’s showing in the first video is that the Morro Castle’s lifeboat?

    Wonder if George Rogers did set the fire. He seemed crazy enough to do it.

  2. A new book has been published, Inferno at Sea, by Gretchen Coyle and Deborah Whitcraft and is available July 1st. This book details the circumstances of the Morro Castle disaster and includes in-depth interviews with survivors and their families. Additional information can be found by viewing Emil Salvini’s “Tales of the Jersey Shore” documentary:
    The New Jersey Maritime Museum has the largest collection of Morro Castle documentation and memorabilia to be found anywhere; call them at 609-492-0202 or stop by for a visit; they are located at 528 Dock Road, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

  3. theresa

    I have a picture of the ship when they were bringing her in,.

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