Why Dive? Underwater Archaeology Video Game

I’m not a big gammer, as they say. Maybe some day. Until then I’ll just marvel from afar.

According to this press release:

Arqueologia Subaquática SA (AWW), a leading marine archaeology company, and Biodroid Entertainment, a media entertainment company, both based in Portugal, have reached an agreement to jointly develop a videogame of shipwreck underwater expeditions strongly inspired by the actual work of the former in underwater heritage sites all around the globe.

Titled “ARQ Treasure Quest,” the game concept was developed by the Arqueonautas team and will encompass strategy elements as well as simulation realistic facets from operations into its gameplay. The primary goal for the player is to successfully manage a marine archaeological expedition with an expert team of historians, archaeologists, divers, surveyors, conservators, researchers, investors, government officials and many other specialists in search for sunken treasures. An important part of the gameplay is to follow actual legal procedures and good governances to achieve satisfying results moving through the different levels.

The game is currently searching for crowd funding onIndieGoGo and a first demo will be presented in August, during GDC Europe.

Diogo Horta e Costa, founding partner of Biodroid, said that “this venture with Arqueonautas will open our production to a whole new genre of gaming, one with historical and technical factual data and a worthwhile adventures mission. At the same time that we’ll bring awareness for maritime heritage, we’ll bring players to experience first-hand the fun and excitement of shipwreck diving in exotic locations with a true historical back-drop.”

Wow — that sounds pretty neat. I hope send complementary copies to Odyssey Marine Exploration and the Mel Fisher Museum!



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3 responses to “Why Dive? Underwater Archaeology Video Game

  1. It’s cool and all, but why must everything be turned into a game? I guess it is the wave of the future…

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