Shipwrecks of Sandy, part 1

HMS Bounty

“Metro-North RR crews discovered this boat washed onto tracks at Ossining” @NYGovCuomo

“Beached: A boat washes ashore on Carson Beach as wind and waves from Hurricane Sandy hit the north-east coast of the US”

Historic ferry boat, Binghamton, swamped by waves on the Hudson River in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Salem, MA

“In Staten Island, a record 13 foot storm surge caused the tanker, John B. Caddell, to break free of its morning and run aground in Staten Island.”

more to come…



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7 responses to “Shipwrecks of Sandy, part 1

  1. Jamin – You are right back in the midst of ships on the shore with national news about the HMS Bounty. Missed your reports; glad you got some work done; look forward to future posts! Best, Tom Dresser

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  3. Wm Skipper Publicover

    GoodMorningGloucester is the Best reporter for Us, Glosta ites.
    Fred Bolin, likely has the local wrecks !?

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