New Show: Shipwreck Men

We try to range widely here at Ships on the Shore, from our last post on the Annual Reports of the Secretary of Treasury to today’s post on a new reality TV show. Shipwreck Men, which premiere’s on the Discovery Channel on Monday (1/14) at 9PM EST, promises to “venture into the cutthroat world of marine salvage.” The show goes to one of the most storied haunts of wreckers, southern Florida, and it banks on a gaggle of associations linking salvage, piracy, and heroic feats of daring-do that I’ve been studying in my dissertation. Stories of wreckers have fascinated Americans since the 1830s, so I suspect Discovery will have a hit on their hands. I’m certainly excited to tune in. What self-respecting shipwreck enthusiast can resist a trailer with a lines like: “I’m a barnacle … I’m a wrecker baby. We can wreck some #!&%!.”


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