Costa Concordia: One year out

Hard to believe that its been a year since the Costa Concordia ran aground off Giglio, Italy, initiating the twenty-first century’s first shipwreck spectacle. Yesterday, media outlets around the world noted the one-year anniversary of the wreck. Seems fitting that we should follow suite at Ships on the Shore.

According to this article, salvagers expect to remove the ship by the end of summer, which would put the effort just a few months behind schedule (not bad considering this is arguably the most complicated salvage job ever attempted). A crew of 430 have been working around the clock for months preparing the wreck and surrounding area for refloating the Concordia. Their cranes, barges, and salvage platforms, “creating an incongruous industrial landscape amid the pristine waters of a marine sanctuary.” (Personal aside: it’s an increasingly rare pleasure to find good newspaper writers these days. Thank you New York Times.) Locals have become irritated by these machines in their garden and others are concerned about the environmental and financial consequences of delay.

For frequent updates on the salvage go here.



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