Upcoming Conference: “Maritime Borderlands and Cultural Landscapes”

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Here’s a shameless plug for the upcoming North American Society of Oceanic History (NASOH) annual conference. I’ve been to a few NASOH conferences over the years and they’ve always been fantastic. This year’s theme–Maritime Borderlands and Cultural Landscapes–happens to overlap quite nicely with my dissertation. I’m furiously working on a proposal (submission deadline is February 15th). If you study maritime history this will be the place to be come mid-May. If you haven’t been to Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, now is the time to work up that proposal. I hope to see you there.

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2 responses to “Upcoming Conference: “Maritime Borderlands and Cultural Landscapes”

  1. Thomas Dresser

    Jamin, I’m on WCAI, 90.1, at 7:30 pm tonight, January 30, talking about the City of Columbus. Maybe you can stream it.
    Also, we plan to be in NOLA for a couple of days around February 25. Hope we can connect. Best, Tom Dresser

    • Hi Tom,

      Sorry I didn’t get your message earlier! Can you send me a link to the story, I’d love to listen to it (and post it, if possible).

      We should be around that weekend. Let’s talk on email.

      Thanks again!

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