Coastal History Blog — fantastic blog authored by a growing list of historians. A must read for anyone interested in coastal history.

Port Towns and Urban Cultures

H-Maritime is a moderated forum designed primarily for scholars interested in maritime history, archaeology, art, literature, and policy to discuss research interests, teaching methods and the state of maritime research.

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology publishes articles, field journals, and digital exhibits by underwater archaeologists and maritime historians on the cutting-edge of the digital humanities.

Sea History, a quarterly magazine published by the National Marine Historical Society, is “the” print journal for keeping tabs on the maritime arts and humanities as well as historic ship preservation.

Thunder Bay Wrecks” lets you “virtually dive” on seven of the best-preserved wrecks in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It is the best website I know of that interprets the significance of individual shipwrecks and “maritime cultural landscapes” for a diverse audience. And, it is very, very cool!

US Life-Saving Service Heritage Association is the clearinghouse for news and information about the USLSS. The “Education & Resources” page links to all but two of the USLSS Annual Reports published between 1876 and 1913.

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